Did I mention that I love children’s poetry? I do! I love it! I found this poem several months ago in the Random House Book of Poetry for Children. I love this collection. It was compiled by Jack Prelutsky who is one of my favorite children’s poets. This particular poem was written by Eleanor Farjeon.  This poem is Layla, plain and simple. I always think of her when I read it. And the title of it is “Bliss”. Go figure…



Let me fetch sticks,
Let me fetch stones,
Throw me your bones,
Teach me your tricks.

When you go ride,
Let me run
You in the sun,
Me at your side;

When you go swim,
Let me go too
Both lost in Blue
Up to the brim;

Let me do this,
Let me do that –
What you are at,
That is my bliss.

~Eleanor Farjeon

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